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documentary - 22'25" - HD

by Luisa Passalacqua

Screened at the 3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies and the Status of Women, Edinburgh, UK, 2021.

Selected at the China International Conference of Science and Education Producers Beijing2020.

Selected at the Cine Tornado Festival, Brasil, 2020.


As a mother of a preadolescent girl, I have been wondering how she would find information about bodily changes. Were my explanations enough? Did she prefer sharing her experience with her friends? Was she searching the web about it? Considering our taboo around menstruation, what impression would she get about the way we grown-ups relate to femininity? Would that affect her self-esteem?Interviewing Ilaria, Elisa, Shanti and Nada answered most of these questions and paved the way for a new understanding of how new media are affecting girls' self-awareness.

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